With a long and rich experience in the umrah industry, Destination of The World provides the most inclusive online solutions for Umrah. Our platform ensures clients a high level of synchronization, efficiency, fast and responsive booking experience and a friendly user interface. Since helping Umrah agents make their business successful is one of our main goals, then here are ways among which Destination of the World contributes to improving this industry

  • Destination of the World is among the most distinguished Umrah solution providers and our Umrah agents come from all over the globe seeking the services of our solutions
  • Umrah agents can easily look and find services for their clients through our platform.
  • Umrah agents can easily look and find services for their clients through our services.
  • As a way of ensuring customer loyalty, we provide 24/7 technical support to answer all queries coming from clients.
  • The services we offer are everything Umrah agents need for their clients. Eventually, no other platform will be needed

Our Objective:

We aim to invent and develop all the facilities needed to serve pilgrims, through ongoing efforts to offer high-quality services as well as providing the needed security and care for the pilgrims to perform their rites easily. The idea behind starting our platform is to serve the visitors of the blessed sites in the upmost care along their greatest journey towards the holy city of Mecca. Destination of the World has developed good control over all the aspects of Umrah, we provide with you the best accommodation, catering services along with the cheapest and most reliable tickets and transfers.

  • The improvement of staff skills to ensure that impeccable services are delivered to end-users.
  • We offer competitive pricing for our clients.
  • The best packages and deals.
  • The possibility to customize your packages.
  • Our personnel is highly qualified, motivated and passionate agents who will take the time to follow up with you on every step of the process.
  • We deliver our services with professionalism and punctuality.